The Mesa Vista School Administrators welcome you to our district Web site. We hope you’ll find it to be a useful resource for learning more about your child’s education. As administrators, we are committed to providing the community, our students, and parents the resources needed for all students in our district to achieve a quality education in a safe learning environment. 

The members of our administrative team are listed below. You may also wish to contact a specific department or one of our schools as well.

Meet Our District & School Administrators

Elaine Romero
District  Interim Superintendent                                                    P: (505) 583-2645

Ernesto Valdez

District Superintendent                                                       P: (505) 583-2645

Business Manager/CPO                                                      P: (505) 583-2645

Lori Kuykendall
Accounts Payable/Payroll                                                   P: (505) 583-2645

Administrative Assistant I                                                  P: (505) 583-2645

Brian Henderson
MVHS & MVMS Principal                                                P: (505) 583-2275

Elaine Romero
El Rito Elementary Principal                                              P: (575) 581-4723

Robert Mata
Ojo Caliente Principal and
District Transportation and Athletic Director                     P: (505) 583-2316

Zachary Gonzales
Truancy Coordinator                                                           P: (505) 583-2316

Juana Hernandez

Special Education Coordinator/IEP Specialist                   P: (505) 583-2645

Geoffrey Griego
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor                                     P: (505) 583-2645

Plan B Networks, Inc.
Information Technology Support                                       P: (505) 753-5262